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At Gladstone Views Primary School our students' proudly wear the GREEN and GOLD!

UNIFORM - SCHOOL POLICY                                                                                       


The wearing of school uniform is strongly recommended for all students. This supports the positive role of clothing in promoting a sense of individual and collective pride in students and their identification with the school.

School uniform promotes group security. A dress code stipulating items for particular activities enhances the safety of the individual students.



  1. We expect that all our students wear the school uniform as outlined in Gladstone Views Primary School Parent Information Handbook/School Newsletter.
  2. Students representing the school in inter-school sport are required to wear appropriate sports clothing or school uniform colours depending upon the sport played.
  3. It is expected that all students will wear school uniform on excursions.
  4. 4.   All students are expected to wear the school’s bottle green, sunsmart hat (available in three styles). The ‘No school hat, no play’ rule will be applied.
  5. No make-up is to be worn, including coloured nail polish, and only minimal jewellery i.e.sleepers, watch. Rings and dangling jewellery (eg. earrings, bracelets, necklaces and keychains) are not permitted for safety reasons.
  6. Hair is to be kept clean and tidy. Hair longer than collar length should be tied back.
  7. Footwear must be enclosed (ie. no sandals or thongs) and the wearing of ‘high heels’ or platform shoes will not be permitted for safety reasons.
  8. Any items of clothing which can be found offensive to other members of the school community are not permitted. (eg. words and pictures depicted on t-shirts.)
  9. It is compulsory that legionnaire and broad brimmed hats are to be worn in terms 1 and 4 during school hours. Shoulders and midriffs  should be covered at all times.

10.The dress code will not discriminate either directly or indirectly against students on the basis of  their sex, race, ethnic group, nationality, religious beliefs or disability.


11.The Principal has the ultimate authority to interpret the school uniform policy and provide a  procedure for exemption.